Who we are

S.A.M.O. is a company that provides innovative solutions for orthopaedic surgery.
We are part of Fito Medical Co., Ltd group and we collaborate with the best scientific partners around the world to design, manufacture and market medical devices in order in order to place at the disposal of surgeons the best available technologies.

Our goal is to improve the patient’s health and lifestyle, guaranteeing a satisfactory participation to the social, cultural and economic life: our mission is the complete well-being of the patient.

S.A.M.O. offers a wide range of orthopaedic solutions, notably specializing in hip and knee implants, in order to meet the surgical needs of the healthcare professional in the treatment of numerous patient diseases.


We strongly believe companies are made of individuals, and that the success of a Company stems from these ones.

S.A.M.O. operates in more than 40 nations. The average age of their employees, as with management, is 35. The level of female occupation is 50%. This basic data marks the outline of a young company that looks towards the future with the aim of consolidating its position and becoming increasingly more of a leader in the sector.

As a manufacturer of devices for well-being, S.A.M.O. cares about the well-being of the people involved in their organisation, providing the best and most stimulating work place.

S.A.M.O. is based in Bologna, a city famous for its art, culture, entertainment and cuisine.
Bologna is also home to the oldest University in the world and boasts the highest level of quality of life in northern Italy, the wealthiest region in the world.
Joining S.A.M.O. means entering and becoming part of a stimulating environment, with a wealth of future professional prospects.

Applying for a job in S.A.M.O. is simple: please send your CV at curriculum@samobiomedica.com