Oxidation and lower mechanical characteristics are known drawbacks of crosslinked polyethylene. Vitamin E is a molecular stabilizer that, if properly applied, can solve both problems.
Thanks to the scientific support of polymer material group of IFM Chemistry Dept. (Turin. Italy), first to propose Vitamin E Polyethylene, S.A.M.O. developed the Second Generation vitamin E cross-linked Polyethylene, manufactured with a blending process to form the bar with no cementing, no annealing, no diffusion heating, leading to: high mechanical resistance, outstanding oxidation protection, ultra low wear.

TiNb (ceramic hypoallergenic coating)

Titanium-Niobium Nitrides-coated implants are not only a reliable solution in cases of allergies by reducing the release of metal ions down to barely detectable levels, but also, thanks to its high wettability and low roughness, a low-friction solution for all cases.


The patented S.A.M.O. CoCrMo alloy, specifically studied for modular stem necks. No fretting corrosion, higher fatigue resistance, higher mechanical resistance. Durastar has eliminated the problem of fretting corrosion while enabling modular neck removal even years after placing the implant. Comparative studies with other widely used systems shows that Durastar has a wear resistance up to 5 times higher.


A cutting-edge achievements in the field of CAOS (Computer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery), developed in a joint effort by Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli, Orthokey and S.A.M.O. with the concept of ‘Enhanced Reality’ in mind, the Voyager-BluIgs CAOS system allows for a really smooth workflow, reduced surgery time and an increased awareness of the whole surgical process.


S.A.M.O. implants make use of the Ti-Coat technology, 300 microns deep layer of porous titanium (VPS deposition), and an outer 50 microns layer of HA layer (PS deposition). An in-vivo study on sheep, performed at the University of New South Wales, shows that after 12 weeks, in both the cortical and cancellous implantation sites the Ti-coat coating was associated with the highest mean bone ingrowth, significantly outperforming the Ti (P<0.001).

Ti thickness: 350 µm
Porosity: 35%
Pore diameter: 60 µm
Roughn: 100 µm
Adhesion: 33 MPa

HA thickness: 50 µm
Porosity: 32%
Roughn > 40 µm


One of the most peculiar innovations of S.A.M.O. is the concept of Integrated System. Today, many different solution are offered to a surgeon in order to treat different pathologies. Despite of that, too often it is practically impossible to select the proper solution when it would be more appropriated, that is at the end of the surgery, when the surgeon has a clear and complete picture of patient needs.
An Integrated System is a complete range of complementary solutions, with an ultra-smart, light, modular instrument set that can be used for the whole set of implants, allowing the surgeon to tailor the treatment based on the actual patient indications.